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This week’s Beautiful Name: Al-Aziz

Salaam All,

The Beautiful Name of Allah we are studying this week is Al-Aziz. Here are our thoughts from today’s Sohbet:

  • Traditional translations: ‘The Victorious One’ and ‘The All Powerful’
  • The idea is that no force can stand against Allah’s will
  • However, Allah delays punishment, does not hurry to destroy those who behave against his will
  • Idea of the ‘Brick wall’ came up – that eventually, if you follow your Nafs (ego), you will slam into the brick wall of reality
  • A different interpretation: what is the purpose of power or victory? Protection, that is, power is used properly in the protection of the powerless
  • Sometimes hardship or times of testing can bring out our potential, wheras Nafs limit our potential.
  • recognising strengths & weaknesses within ourselves & others
  • nafs can twist power into something ego-centred, but all true power rests with Allah
  • harmony, dynamics can be more powerful than raw, brittle power
  • Allah’s power is in motion, keeping peace, it is fluid strength
  • heart field of quiet strength calms others down and brings peace