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Future Meeting Dates

Salaam Aleikum,

We would like to announce the following dates for our Big Zikrs and meetings for the rest of 2020-2021:

  • 20 Dec – Tariqa end of Year BBQ
  • 10 Jan – AGM & MCM
  • 31st Jan – Big Zikr
  • 21st Feb – Big Zikr & Celebration of Yasmin Mayne’s Urs (Day of Passing)
  • 28th March – Big Zikr

Looking forward to seeing you at the Centre or online! Contact us for more info.

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New Zikr Schedule from 21st June 2020


Dear Murids and Seekers,

From 21st June, we will be commencing a new schedule for Sohbet and Zikr times at the Ansari Sufi Order’s ‘Yasmin’ Centre in Marayong, NSW 2148

From 21 June 2020, Shaykh Ibrahim will be conducting Sohbet and Zikr at Marayong weekly on Sundays at 1.00pm.

In addition, on the Last Sunday of every month at 1.00pm, our main monthly Zikr will be held. All are encouraged to attend this Zikr in person if possible, especially Murids (students) of the Tariqa. This is also a great time to bring new seekers and guests (but please let us know beforehand who is attending). Main monthly Zikr Dates for the remainder of 2020 are: 26/7, 30/8, 27/9, 25/10, 29/11, and our December BBQ on 19/12.

Zahra will send a message out on the Ansari Sufi Order WhatsApp group each Saturday to check how many people will be attending and what food each person is bringing.

If you would like to join Shaykh Ibrahim for Zikr via Zoom, use the link below:

More information about Zikr (the Sufi Ceremony of Rememberance) can be found on our website
Enquiries can be made via the online form or by calling the Centre on +61 2 8807 4814

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Zikr Dates Jan-March 2020

Zikr (the sufi Ceremony of Rememberance) and Sohbet (spiritual discussion) will recommence from 5 Jan 2020.

The dates for zikr gatherings at Marayong up to the end of March are as follows:

  • 5 Jan @ 1pm
  • 19 Jan @ 1pm
  • 2 Feb @ 1pm
  • 16 Feb – Special Evening zikr with Shaykh Taner @ 7pm
  • 21 Feb – Special Evening  zikr with Shaykh Taner @ 7pm
  • 1 March @ 1pm
  • 15 March @ 1pm
  • 29 March @ 1pm
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Meeting Times July-Sept 2019

Greetings all!

Over the next few months we will be holding sohbet (spiritual discussion) and zikr (the ceremony of remembrance) bi-weekly at the Yasmin Centre at Marayong at 1pm, on the following dates:

  • Sun 28 July
  • Sun 11 August
  • Sun 25 August
  • Sun 8 September
  • Sun 22 September

Please contact us via our web form or by calling the Yasmin Centre on 8807 4814 for more info if you would like to attend for the first time.

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Al-Fattah: The Opener

Today’s sohbet focused on the Beautiful Name Al Fattah, often translated as ‘the Opener’.

Some points that we discussed:

  • Allah can open up doors, or Allah can keep them closed.
  • You may think you need something,  Allah may have other ideas.
  • It’s ok to talk/dine with/have board meetings/boxing matches with Allah about this!
  • If you really want to progress or move forward, you need to be sincere and committed.
  • If Allah wants to open a way for you, nothing can stand in the way!
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Sufi Mindfulness Event- 19th Nov 2017

Salaam All!

Shaykh Ibrahim will be running a Sufi Mindfulness evening on the 19th Nov 2017. All are welcome. Please RSVP via our Contact Form or call Muhyiddin on 0432397694.

Shaykh Ibrahim will be presenting a slideshow and talk addressing the frequently asked questions seekers usually have about our teachings. This will be followed by a Sufi Ceremony of Remembrance (Zikr).


19th Nov 2017


Leela Centre
2nd Floor, 113-115 Oxford Street, (Corner of Crown Street), Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Entry is via glass doors next to Big Daddy’s Burgers.

You can access the Facebook Event here.

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Sohbet 27 August


This week’s sohbet centered around relationships, specifically how we negotiate needs and responsibilities with our partners and family members. Shaykh Ibrahim reminded us of the primacy of the relationship with Allah, the One. This is the most important relationship. When your relationship with your Heart is good, when you are connected to the Source, all other relationships fall into place. Shaykh also stressed the importance of communication. Relationships are there to teach us about each other and ourselves, and we need to learn how to express ourselves clearly in order to be able to live with each other. Also, Sufism is about surrender, and not about you! How much can you get out of the way and let Allah through?

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This week’s Beautiful Name: Al-Aziz

Salaam All,

The Beautiful Name of Allah we are studying this week is Al-Aziz. Here are our thoughts from today’s Sohbet:

  • Traditional translations: ‘The Victorious One’ and ‘The All Powerful’
  • The idea is that no force can stand against Allah’s will
  • However, Allah delays punishment, does not hurry to destroy those who behave against his will
  • Idea of the ‘Brick wall’ came up – that eventually, if you follow your Nafs (ego), you will slam into the brick wall of reality
  • A different interpretation: what is the purpose of power or victory? Protection, that is, power is used properly in the protection of the powerless
  • Sometimes hardship or times of testing can bring out our potential, wheras Nafs limit our potential.
  • recognising strengths & weaknesses within ourselves & others
  • nafs can twist power into something ego-centred, but all true power rests with Allah
  • harmony, dynamics can be more powerful than raw, brittle power
  • Allah’s power is in motion, keeping peace, it is fluid strength
  • heart field of quiet strength calms others down and brings peace