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New Zikr Schedule from 21st June 2020


Dear Murids and Seekers,

From 21st June, we will be commencing a new schedule for Sohbet and Zikr times at the Ansari Sufi Order’s ‘Yasmin’ Centre in Marayong, NSW 2148

From 21 June 2020, Shaykh Ibrahim will be conducting Sohbet and Zikr at Marayong weekly on Sundays at 1.00pm.

In addition, on the Last Sunday of every month at 1.00pm, our main monthly Zikr will be held. All are encouraged to attend this Zikr in person if possible, especially Murids (students) of the Tariqa. This is also a great time to bring new seekers and guests (but please let us know beforehand who is attending). Main monthly Zikr Dates for the remainder of 2020 are: 26/7, 30/8, 27/9, 25/10, 29/11, and our December BBQ on 19/12.

Zahra will send a message out on the Ansari Sufi Order WhatsApp group each Saturday to check how many people will be attending and what food each person is bringing.

If you would like to join Shaykh Ibrahim for Zikr via Zoom, use the link below:

More information about Zikr (the Sufi Ceremony of Rememberance) can be found on our website
Enquiries can be made via the online form or by calling the Centre on +61 2 8807 4814