About Us

The Ansari Sufi Order of the Southern Hemisphere Inc is a non-profit religious organization based in Marayong, Western Sydney, Australia. Ansari means helper. The primary mission of the Order is to be available as a guide to Seekers of God. We seek closeness to the pleasure of God in this world and in the hereafter. We train ourselves through service to those in need or less fortunate than ourselves.

Our teachings and spiritual heritage originates with two great saints of early Sufism: Abdul Qadir al-Jilani, and Ahmed er-Rifai. Through the centuries these teachings pass from teacher to student, helping countless Hearts find peace and contentment.

We acknowledge the blessing of God’s message in all its forms and prophets, in particular from the Prophet Abraham and his lineage. The Ansari Sufi Order has no political or religious affiliations whatsoever. Everyone is welcome in our circle if they come in peace. We do not discriminate between men, women, race, or creed.