Past Events

 April-March 2016


Sufi Teacher Taner Ansari, head of the Ansari Tariqa (of the Qadiri Rifai Tariqa), and  his wife, Sufi Teacher Muzeyyen Ansari returned to Australia in March-April 2016.

We were blessed to have a second visit from the Sufi Teachers in just over a year! It was a wonderful and valuable experience for all of us involved in our Sufi community. The visit  again included a combination of healings, events and private time with Shaykh Taner and Shaykha Ansari.

A Public Event, including a talk by Shaykh Taner and Zikr (Ceremony of Rememberance) was held at the Reg Byrne Community Centre Meeting Room, on  28th March

Melbourne activities were also held from 31 March – 5 April .

February 2015

Sufi Teacher Taner Ansari, head of the Ansari Tariqa (of the Qadiri Rifai Tariqa), visited Australia in February 2015 with his wife, Sufi Teacher Muzeyyen Ansari.

Shaykh Taner held a well-attended talk and Ceremony of Remembrance (Zikr) at The New Church at Roseville in Sydney, and a talk at North Carlton in Melbourne. Shaykh also performed a number of sufi healings on students of the Tariqa as well as visitors.

Jan-July 2012

August & September 2011

In August/September in Melbourne’s North Carlton we held Intro to Sufism events, for those who have heard just a little about Sufism over the years, or have wanted to find out more about Sufism but never had the time or opportunity.

A good turnout came to participate in our night of Sufi Poetry on Friday night, 9 September 7-9 PM. We learned about famous Sufi poets and story-tellers;Rumi, Hafiz and Nasrudin.

Shaykh Ibrahim also led a weekend WorkshopLiving Sufism – Getting Out of the Way on 10-11 September. Workshop attendees learned Sufi practices that can be applied to a modern daily life.


Rumi Concert and Poetry Event, Old Bathurst Road Woodford

Shaykh Ibrahim gave a concert of music based on Sufi concepts, together with readings from Sufi poets Rumi and Hafiz.

Rumi Concert Part 1

Rumi Concert Part 2

Rumi Concert Part 3

Reading Hafiz