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Names of Allah, Week 3 – Al Quddus

This week’s Name was Al Quddus, commonly translated as ‘The Holy One’.

Some of the concepts we discussed at Sohbet on Sudney were:

  • Al Quddus brings up ideas of Sacredness, purity
  • bearing no resemblance to the created
  • unique purity of Allah
  • pure faith vs doubt
  • in the body – organs that purify the blood – liver changes chemicals, spleen eats dead cells, kidneys
  • how do the organs in the body know what is pure/healthy? – evolution
  • Nur-i-Muhammad – purest expression of a human being. the universe becoming aware of itself
  • the universe is a wholistic regenerating system, which can be aware of itself
  • fear vs faith – ¬†fear of going against the grain, rocking the boat, but what fulfils the purity and helps grow our faith & our belief?
  • waves – you can’t stop a wave, you can’t stop the truth
  • nafs – emotional & spiritual liver work
  • purity of the moment, listening to now
  • Al Quddus is beyond everything we can understand, anything we look at is a very poor reflection or shadow of what Al Quddus is.

What do you think?