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Sufi Workshop

Sufi Workshop
How can we make better choices, improve our relationships and life in general? This is a very specific question that only you can answer. However, Sufism provides a framework of how to approach this problem.
The Sufi answer is: you are too much in the way. There’s too much “you” interfering with knowing better answers.
So perhaps the best question to explore is: What gets in the way?
Usually our internal and external pressures: friends, family, teachers, ‘shoulds’, regrets, etc.
How do we fight these pressures (nafs) and return to balance? The workshop focuses on these tools:

-witnessing our obstacles (being honest with yourself)
-observing our environment (what is behind you? What color is the building?)
-deduction (determining a possibility of truth from observation)
-intention (setting the purpose of an action)
-induction (listening to one’s heart)
-reflection (letting the observations seep and percolate)
-listening (a high art – very rare)

Practicing with these tools you will be better able to make better choices emotionally, spiritually, physically and perhaps even more happily.