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Ramadan Mubrarak!

Fanous_RamadanSalaam All,

During the month of Ramadan Zikr will be held on Saturday nights at the centre at Merrylands. We will be breaking fast together at around 5pm, and Sohbet/Zikr at 6pm. This will replace the Sunday 1pm sessions during Ramadan. Shaykh Ibrahim sends the following message:

Ramadan Mubarak. For those of you who are fasting by yourself – i give you all my support, love and appreciation. I know how hard it is to practice this. It takes courage, pluck, strength of character and sincere intention. It is a great way to find out who you are and what is important to you. It is much easier when others are fasting with you. Well, we are, and you have our combined goal to perhaps assist you in those difficult moments. You can use my text as a hotline for support, or perhaps you can reach out to each other to add your combined awesomeness to make it through the hard times together.

We will be breaking fast together each Saturday around 5 PM, and a sobhet online around 6 PM instead of the Sunday 1 PM sessions.

It has recently been documented that fasting actually reactivates the T cells which are the bits in the DNA that extend life.

Please stay positive, stay hopeful, keep a sense of humour about you and don’t ever let go of the rope of Allah.

Which brings up the second subject – an Australian retreat next year, 2016, perhaps near Melbourne for all tariqa murids and muhibs. Any ideas of when and where would be appreciated.

Then in 2017 a week long retreat in Europe perhaps Spain, south of France, or somewhere financially viable. Also open to ideas of where, but probably around July. Thoughts or ideas please send them on.

Thanks to everyone for making the Centre here in Australia possible. May it always be a beacon of light for those seeking Allah. HU.