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Nasruddin was taking boats across the smuggling route from Indonesia to Christmas Island. Whenever he arrived on Christmas Island the authorities would be extremely suspicious because he always arrived in a shiny new boat. One particular border guard was Nasruddin’s nemesis – he made it a point to inconvenience Nasruddin as much as possible, searching every nook and cranny on every boat for asylum seekers, drugs, money, any smoking gun that would prove what he suspected – that Nasruddin was a smuggler. He never found anything except completely innocent cargo, and Nasruddin’s papers were always in order.

Years later, the same border guard had retired, and Nasruddin had moved on too. Nasruddin was working in a pub in Darwin when who should come in for a drink but the same border guard from Christmas Island. The border guard recognised Nasruddin, sidled up to him and asked ‘Ok, I’m retired now, you can tell me. It’s been eating me up. I know you were smuggling something back then, but you beat me – I could never work it out. What was it?’

Nasrudin smiled and said ‘I was smuggling boats’.