Names of Allah: Al Wahab

Today’s Name of Allah is Al Wahab (The Bestower)

Some thoughts that came up from our reading and discussions:

  • Allah is the bestower, the donor of all, giving everything to everyone always
  • Al Wahab is the one who satisfies needs
  • Who is giving when you receive a gift?
  • No one can prevent what Al-Wahab wants to give to you from coming to you
  • Human giving is limited, Al Wahab is infinite. Al Wahab does not need thanks or acknowledgement
  • how much do we thank for what we receive?
  • Giving and receiving is a cycle, waves, a flow of energy. If you get in the way by not recieving or being greedy/resentful, the flow stops
  • A person who gives is only a gateway or symbol of Allah’s generosity
  • Gratitude is part of the gift of receiving , it is a gift in itself.